Sunday, June 16, 2013

Life Begins at 55!

5 years ago, I dreamed of running 5k and after I did it, I thought that was IT.

Runner bloggers urged me to try 10K but I just shrugged my shoulders and in my mind, told myself "I will never run beyond 5k!"

Then it happened.  What I thought impossible before became possible!

I ran my first 10k at a very comfortable pace (during that time when my waist was still 27 inches hah hah . . .) and finished at 1 hour 10 minutes.

10k was the perfect distance for me then.  No pain, no sweat (well, a little).

After 1 year, 10k became a "walk in the park" (naks yabang!)

Time to level up.

When I crossed the Finish Line at the Condura Skyway Half-Marathon last February 2010, I surprised myself when I strongly felt that I could still run another 21k!  I excitedly told Ate Ella -- "Yon lang ang 21k?  Pwede pa akong bumalik at ulitin ang tinakbo ko!  I am ready to run the MARATHON!"

I was among the first batch of TBRDM (The Bull Runner Dream Marathon) held last May 22, 2010.  But before this, I managed to run 2 more Half-Marathons  -- 1 in March and 1 in April in preparation for my first 42.195k.

Fast forward to the present:

I turned 55 last June 6 and my birthday wish is to run (drum rolls please!) . . . 50 km!!!

As of this writing, my eyes are set on Rizal to Laguna Ultramarathon which will be on Nov. 3, 2013 (exactly the last day of mourning for my father who passed away last Nov. 4).

I ran my first 5k at 50 (5 km at 50 years of existence)

This year, it will be 50k at 5 (50 km at 5 years of running)

That's my first birthday wish.

My second birthday wish is to encourage YOU to join me.

Please say Y-E-S!