Thursday, June 27, 2013

Rene, the JazzRunner's Tips on How to Train for your First ULTRA

Thank you so much Rene for the following tips you gave me.

According to Rene,

Wala namang pinagkaiba ang training sa 50k Ultra at 42k Marathon.  Halos pareho lang.

1.  Habaan mo lang mga week-end long runs mo and do a couple of back-to-back long runs.  Ex:  25k Saturday then 30k Sunday (kung kaya) or else one long run lang.

2.  Dito papasok si Galloway training which I'm sure you are familiar (TBRDM).  Sa actual race, ALWAYS walk the uphills then Galloway the flat and downhills.

3.  Do some cross training once a week (lunges/squats/sit-ups/push ups/weights/core,etc.) which will tremendously fight the fatigue and strengthen the muscles in your legs!  Kailangan ito sa Ultramarathons!

4.  Minimum of 4-5 days a week ang training, including your long runs.  Make 10k minimum during week-day. 

5.  Organize your support team now.  Vehicle, personnel, at least 3 people including driver, preferably RUNNERS!   Don't worry, support vehicles tend to support other runners during the race.  (This is another topic kasi very crucial ang gagawin nila.  They are there to support you not only physically but mentally and emotionally also).  Anna or other ultra runners can help you with the mechanics of a support team.

6.  Don't forget to EAT during the 50k race (bread, bananas, biscuits, gatorade, etc.).  Anything that your support team will offer you, take it!

I will add more to this during the course of your training.  You have 18 weeks to train so start na TOMORROW!

I might join this run if not, might help support runners including you!

Good luck on your training.