Saturday, May 29, 2010

Living the Dream In Nuvali (TBR Dream Marathon in Pictures)

With my 2 kids and our very supportive coach, Coach Jim Lafferty before the start of the race. Until now, I still couldn't believe that Gio and Eia woke up at 12 AM to accompany me to Nuvali to fulfill my dream. Maraming maraming salamat, mga anak!

Girl Power: With Ate Ella, Eia, my good friend Anna who's very lucky to have her lovely daughter Faye as pacer.

"Oh Lord. With you, everything is possible. I trust that you will not abandon me at this time of trial. You only have to will it, and the pain in my left foot will be gone. Please Lord, I only wish to finish within the 8-hour cut-off time and finish without any injury. And if it is Your will and for Your greater glory, you will grant me this wish. Thank you Lord, thank you."

And off we went!

When crossing the starting line to make the first loop, I spotted Marga holding a wonderful poster with my name on it. It was a great feeling, I actually felt lighter.

Thank you, thank you Marga and the rest of the cheering team. I hope to know you all personally.

Then I was all alone in the dark.

Taken before sunrise.

With the ever joyful Tessa. She may have noticed that I was the eldest in the group she told me "Ang galing galing nyo po".

My special special child Eia. Because of her and the other children with Down Syndrome that "Quitting is NOT an Option" for me.

Carlo, my dedicated Dream Chaser who stood by me through thick and thin.

Thank you, Carlo! Hope we could get-together sometime for baked oysters and ice-cold beer.

Hello there! I'm still running . . .

That's my friend Agnes on my left. They rushed to accompany me to the finish line.

Thank you Ate Ella, for the "Super Mom" poster.
Thank you kids for running with me to the finish line.

C'mon. Almost there!

At long last! Thank you Lord!

With Boy and Agnes, Jaymie and my family.

With Coach Rio, who also cheered for me when I saw him after the Second Wind Station. Thanks!
(There are still shots taken by Atty. Raymund which I hope to see.)
To anyone who still dream to run the marathon: If I can do it, you can do it better!


  1. Very nice photo story. Nice post. You are indeed a super mom!

    See you around.

  2. Another living proof that if you want something badly enough, inspite of the tremendous odds, it will happen! Congratulations TBR DM batchmate!

  3. hello mam!! ang galing galing talaga!! ur not a runner anymore CONGRATULATIONS!! MARATHONER... hehehee..
    punta ba kyo sa reunion nyo sa wed?!
    sana pagdating ko ng 52 makatakbo pa ko ng marathon! hehehe...
    CONGRATS MAM! more power to you!! its a pleasure to run u mam!!
    GOD BLESS po!!
    see yah!

  4. Thanks Ed! Hope to see you this Wednesday. Congratulations on your splendid performance last May 22.

  5. Carlo! Yes, will see you this Wednesday. I couldn't have done it without you. Thank you again.

  6. great pictures! congratulations nora!

  7. Jaymie and I were worried but I told her you're one super determined about this race, there's no fat chance you wont finish it.. I am CONFIDENT that you will! :)

    Kalurkey ang mga photo ops! Haha! :D

    but we didnt have any photo :( I was looking for you during gun start but lost you :(

  8. It was our pleasure to cheer you on, dear Nora. You are a true inspiration to all of us.

    Natawa ako dun...if i can do it, you can do it better....hahahaha.

    And yes, with you as my inspiration, I will attempt to do it better on my first FM at QCIM in December.

    Congratulations again, Marathoner Nora.


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    and Congratulation for the running the marathon!

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  10. Thanks Bro J! Nice talking with you over the phone this morning. Hope to see you and Baby this Wed.

  11. Hinahanap din kita Chef kaya lang di kita makita. Kakalungkot talaga, wala tayong remembrance na dalawa.

  12. Yehey! I'm very happy to hear that, Marga. And God willing, I wish to run with you at the 32nd km. The last 10k is the "longest". And I hope to help you in any way I can.

    Thank you so much!

  13. Marathoner Nora!!! You really did it against all odds. You are one determined woman. We can learn so much from you. You are blessed! Congratulations!!!
    -Jun & Mariel

  14. Congrats Ma'am Nora! You have proven to the whole world that "life begins at fifty two'!

  15. nice post marathoner nora!!!
    i'm proud of you...sana i can do it din...

    btw, you haven't posted our pics during the earth run? :-)

  16. Congratulation!! I knew that with your dedication, the reason for your quest and supporters, the out come will be sweet.

    Your accoplishment will surely inspire more 50+ to have an active and healthy life style. I for one, wil use it as a motivation for my first full marathon run this coming October.

  17. Mommy Nora, I love that - your family running with you toward the finish line. I'm sure that will give you enough energy for a strong finish.

    Congratulations again Mommy Nora :)

  18. Ehem...ehem...Certified Marathoner na! Congrats, Nora! You did well! Parang palo ni Federer sa finish line, ah..bumubulusok!:-)

  19. Congratulations to you Tita Nora :)
    I knew you would still opt to join the event despite of your recent injury.

    I remember on the race, I was already frowning from the 22nd kilometer and up, but whenever I get meet you on the road, I would easily get infected by your smiling face. Thanks to you Tita Nora :)

    Let's keep on running, see you again on the next races. I've just finished my TBR DM post last night, hehehe!

  20. Nora, congratulations on now being a marathoner! The time is not the story, the fact that you did it despite an injury a few days before was something. Also, thank you for the invite on Facebook.

    Yes, it appears that I'll be in the Philippines either November 11 or 12 through November 22. I'd like to stay longer but have to be back for work reasons. Anyway, as soon as I have the dates and reservations, I'll let you and everyone there know. Please take care and have a good week ahead.

  21. Big congrats Nora! Ang galing-galing naman! I have yet to run my first marathon, I'm dying of envy here :-) Congrats and more power!


  22. Hooray Nora!!! Sayang I was not there to see you run, but my prayers were with you! Talaga naman what you can do if you put your heart and mind to it!

  23. this is very inspirational. i admire you! i signed up for the TBR dream marathon for march 2011. i hope to finish it also, just like you did. it will be my first full marathon. :)

  24. WOW! was browsing the net for running tips and I saw your blog maam. you are an inspiration. God bless
    Running Tatay