Saturday, May 29, 2010

Living the Dream In Nuvali (TBR Dream Marathon in Pictures)

With my 2 kids and our very supportive coach, Coach Jim Lafferty before the start of the race. Until now, I still couldn't believe that Gio and Eia woke up at 12 AM to accompany me to Nuvali to fulfill my dream. Maraming maraming salamat, mga anak!

Girl Power: With Ate Ella, Eia, my good friend Anna who's very lucky to have her lovely daughter Faye as pacer.

"Oh Lord. With you, everything is possible. I trust that you will not abandon me at this time of trial. You only have to will it, and the pain in my left foot will be gone. Please Lord, I only wish to finish within the 8-hour cut-off time and finish without any injury. And if it is Your will and for Your greater glory, you will grant me this wish. Thank you Lord, thank you."

And off we went!

When crossing the starting line to make the first loop, I spotted Marga holding a wonderful poster with my name on it. It was a great feeling, I actually felt lighter.

Thank you, thank you Marga and the rest of the cheering team. I hope to know you all personally.

Then I was all alone in the dark.

Taken before sunrise.

With the ever joyful Tessa. She may have noticed that I was the eldest in the group she told me "Ang galing galing nyo po".

My special special child Eia. Because of her and the other children with Down Syndrome that "Quitting is NOT an Option" for me.

Carlo, my dedicated Dream Chaser who stood by me through thick and thin.

Thank you, Carlo! Hope we could get-together sometime for baked oysters and ice-cold beer.

Hello there! I'm still running . . .

That's my friend Agnes on my left. They rushed to accompany me to the finish line.

Thank you Ate Ella, for the "Super Mom" poster.
Thank you kids for running with me to the finish line.

C'mon. Almost there!

At long last! Thank you Lord!

With Boy and Agnes, Jaymie and my family.

With Coach Rio, who also cheered for me when I saw him after the Second Wind Station. Thanks!
(There are still shots taken by Atty. Raymund which I hope to see.)
To anyone who still dream to run the marathon: If I can do it, you can do it better!