Tuesday, February 3, 2009

How Do You Nurse A Broken Heart (And Toe)?

I'm still in shock.

I cannot believe that my tennis idol Roger Federer broke into tears during the prizing ceremony of the Australian Open in Melbourne, even before he could make his opening statement.

For the benefit of those who cannot relate to this heartbreaking incident, picture this scenario:

You're watching your only son (or a person very close to you whom you love very much) in a final match, be it sports or academic competition. Your child had 19 chances to defeat his opponent yet in the end, he still lost. Sure, you feel sad but you try to hide it from your son and appear to be happy so as not to demoralize his ego.

Then the awarding ceremony came. The runner-up was called first to receive his prize and was expected to say a few words. Before your son could even speak, he cried on stage in front of the million spectators.

How would you feel? What would you do?

I bet you would have wanted to rush on stage, embrace your child with love and affection and assure him that it is alright 'coz he did his best, that he still have a chance to win next time.

His spirit is completely crushed yet you cannot do anything to ease his pain.

Roger Federer not only lost to Rafael Nadal.

He also lost his chance to equal the record of the great Pete Sampras, the only player in the history of tennis who won 14 Grand Slams.

My dearest Rog is devastated. So am I.

I desperately need to run but I can't.

I can't 'coz my toe is killing me.

What do I do now??

Tell me please . . .