Saturday, March 9, 2024


Today, March 9, 2024 is the day that I officially start a new adventure in my life.

From hereon, I will be facing life’s challenges without Ate Ella by my side.

After 24 years, the day has finally come for Ate Ella to be reunited with her own family in the States.

She has been with our family ever since Eia was born. Accompanying me to Eia’s various therapies, medical consultations, laboratory tests, healing masses, special schools, DSAPI (Down Syndrome Assn of the Phils Inc) activities, etc. Eia wouldn’t be as “normal” as she is now if not for her.

She has been the Wind Beneath My Wings for the past 24 years. I couldn’t have escaped from my husband with 2 children in tow without her. 

Ate Ella has been with me through the ups and downs  of my colorful life. In every season, she’s always been there to accompany me in my journey. We laughed and cried together. Shared our joys and pains. Evaded traffic enforcers together. She supported my ambitious goals and dreams, crazy as they were. How am I supposed to live without her now?

Is this really goodbye or is our parting only temporary?

I wish and pray that we will still be together again someday and I will find her cheering for me in jubilation at the 100km Ultramarathon FinishLine heheheh . . .

(I apologize for my long absence. Had to cope with 3 tragedies that struck my family. You may get in touch with me via Messenger or thru Stay safe everyone!)