Friday, May 24, 2024

Hold On To Hope

Bro Bo Sanchez described 2 extremely opposing ways of dealing with sadness. In the first scenario, a person quickly dismisses sadness as if it is a contagious disease and pretends that it never existed. Dedma lang. In the second scenario, people nurture sadness and become so comfortable with it that it now defines who they are. At times, in the attempt of evading sadness, we tend to overwork or overeat. At the other spectrum, we make sadness our home and through time, we get used to people’s sympathy over our pitiful state.

But how should sadness be confronted?

For the first time, I heard that sadness enters our lives for a certain purpose. If we just brush it off, we are not allowing it to serve its purpose. We have to feel sadness. And we have to feel it in the presence of God. Only when we feel sadness that we find the meaning behind this dreadful emotion. Thus, ignoring it will not lead us to making the right decisions in our lives. 

We seek God’s guidance to take us out from the dark. This is the time that we should hold on to hope. Hope that things will be better for us. When we don’t feel sadness in the presence of God, it is very easy to lose hope and succumb to despair and desolation. Personally, I believe that the greatest among these three— Faith, Hope and Love—is HOPE. Without hope we can lose our faith and hinder our ability to love.